Dancing Queen #26 [photographed by Exec.Walls - model: Nella]

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There’s a rising fire within me, a volcanic eruption

Seeking to destroy that which I love:

My relationships, past works
my idols, my comfort

Transitory and ephemeral, all the above

Are they conventional constraints?

Does their death equal a breaking of the chains?

Keep your sanity, please 
Save your humanity


Towards where?

The darkness of a place less traveled than here

K.S.F [Exec.Walls]


87C. [illustrated and photographed by Exec.Walls]

"Peace & Unity, Strength & Progress "


A View Towards The Civic Center, Cali [photographed 8/20/2013]

Dancing Queen #10 [photographed by Exec.Walls - model: Nella]

Love me no matter where I go.
Embrace me no matter where I’m from.


Dancing Queen #15 [photographed by Exec.Walls - model: Nella]


Artist Name: Exec.Walls


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Distortion #1 & #2 [photographed 6/10/14 by Exec.Walls]


le Tamia #4 [photographed 11/6/2013 by Exec.Walls]

This photograph is the culmination of trying to capture the change in seasons while also capturing the change in a person’s form and demeanor. Tamia isn’t a model, but this photo shoot gave her an outlet to express herself in a different light - conveying what she knew about posing and posture and facial emotions. It was fun.

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Le.Beaut #13 [photographed by Exec.Walls - model: Skylar]


This poem derives from my reflection on THIS photograph. Incarceration is a crippling experience, often offering few words from those imprisoned - in a form similar to a haiku.


Ash & Ari [photographed 11/5/2013 by Exec.Walls]

I mainly shoot candids and photos that offer a narrative. This photo depicts a friend and her childhood companion. The knowledge she gained by helping raise and groom Ari, her dog, is the same she hopes to apply towards opening her own pet grooming business.