Children of the Diaspora. [photographed by Exec.Walls - Model: Elaine]

Artwork: 87.C [illustrated by Exec.Walls]

Fun Facts: Elaine is from Ghana, Exec.Walls is from Nigeria


87C. [illustrated and photographed by Exec.Walls]

"Peace & Unity, Strength & Progress"

.Parallel Lives in Transition. [a true story]



It’s been told so often that I’m sure you’ve heard this story before. A group of young black males, late teens to mid-twenties, who aren’t used to having a lot – devise a quick plan in order to gain more. However, this plan, like so many others before it, forces these young men down the road to perdition – often called “the prison system.”


The year is 2005. After a string of armed robberies in Prince Georges County, Maryland – a group of young men conclude their night by robbing a Wendy’s fast food restaurant. This unfortunate event was witnessed by an undercover cop, which led to a high speed chase down a residential neighborhood. The young men are cornered by two squad cars on a one-way street.


Wearing: Slim Fit button down shirt + skinny tie by Express, D1 Dockers, Cole Haan hard bottom shoes.

N/A/L: K.S.F [Exec.Walls] / 27 / P.G.County, Maryland

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Down The Middle. [photographed by Exec.Walls]

The palm trees, the sun, the people, the sloped streets, the vibrancy. This is what I witnessed while staying in San Francisco last summer - enough to realize that it’s a part of the country that I should visit more often. My current location, Maryland/ Wash. D.C., has given me all the wonderful experiences that I could ever ask for - so I ask for nothing more…. nothing more than relocation. 

“I obsess over my own perfection, but is it possible that even in my imperfect form, I create the highest standard?”
— K.S.F [Exec.Walls]


.A Photograph of a Photographer. [photographed 8/21/2014 by Exec.Walls]

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~ The Photographers Society

.Slow to Anger.


They fucked up. They know it and I know it.

They get paid to do a very simple job and yet, they fucked up.

Gathered together they sat quietly, some with their heads down – others staring blankly at the walls. I notice sheets of paper on the conference table in front of them.

After entering the open room, I attempt to slam the office door behind me. The restraint of the door closer opts to ease it shut instead. Is that a sign, subtle but powerful? “Show restraint,” I think to myself, “check your anger at the door.”

I straighten my tie as well as my posture.

Heads rise and their attention shifts towards me. I greet the group with a smile and reassure them that their jobs are still intact, regardless of this mishap. “We all make mistakes, right guys?”

I must admit, this isn’t my typical reaction to human error, but it felt natural. I make brief eye contact with Gloria, the project manager. Her expression is altogether one of caution and relief.     

I begin to speak at a pace that allows me to make eye contact with each of the ten individuals in the room.

Dancing Queen #20 [photographed by Exec.Walls - model: Nella]

“There are no limitations beyond those which you choose to acknowledge,” says the voice, before fading to a whisper. “Do you believe?”

.Brethren. [photographed 8/21/2014 by Exec.Walls]

3 years ago.

Creatively, I’ve done a lot. 


Dancing Queen [photographed 11/9/2013 by Exec.Walls - model: Nella]

.A Valuable Deposit.


Wow,” she says. I turn around slightly and notice her gleaming hazelnut eyes wide open. I offer a mild smirk in anticipation of the question to come.

That’s A LOT of money,” she exclaims, as the bank teller sorts through newly minted Franklins, placing the last handful into a money counting machine.

"I’m not sure what YOU do - but tell me what I have to do in order to make even HALF of that?"

Eavesdropping, the teller lets off a grin before asking me if I want a balance with my deposit receipt. I shake my head briefly, then thank him before quickly looking over the deposit amount.

The woman behind me observes closely as if simultaneously waiting for an answer to her earlier question, as well as inspecting my receipt to confirm that $10,000 was indeed deposited.