87C. [illustrated and photographed by Exec.Walls]

"Peace & Unity, Strength & Progress"

3 years ago.

Creatively, I’ve done a lot. 


Dancing Queen [photographed 11/9/2013 by Exec.Walls - model: Nella]

.A Valuable Deposit.


Wow,” she says. I turn around slightly and notice her gleaming hazelnut eyes wide open. I offer a mild smirk in anticipation of the question to come.

That’s A LOT of money,” she exclaims, as the bank teller sorts through newly minted Franklins, placing the last handful into a money counting machine.

"I’m not sure what YOU do - but tell me what I have to do in order to make even HALF of that?"

Eavesdropping, the teller lets off a grin before asking me if I want a balance with my deposit receipt. I shake my head briefly, then thank him before quickly looking over the deposit amount.

The woman behind me observes closely as if simultaneously waiting for an answer to her earlier question, as well as inspecting my receipt to confirm that $10,000 was indeed deposited.


The Last Time #2 [photographed by Exec.Walls 10/6/2013 - model: Charmaine]

I love the art and process of portrait photography but I realized, through this shoot, that I no longer want to do what I refer to as “vanity shoots.” That is, the “over-beautification” of subjects within photographs that neither tell a story nor draw significant reaction from the viewer beyond the thoughts one thinks after viewing an attractive face. This was all practice, thus forcing my timely pivot towards the direction I had already prepared for myself beforehand. Au revoir.



Dancing Queen #26 [photographed by Exec.Walls - model: Nella]

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PWS - Photos Worth Seeing



There’s a rising fire within me, a volcanic eruption

Seeking to destroy that which I love:

My relationships, past works
my idols, my comfort

Transitory and ephemeral, all the above

Are they conventional constraints?

Does their death equal a breaking of the chains?

Keep your sanity, please 
Save your humanity


Towards where?

The darkness of a place less traveled than here

K.S.F [Exec.Walls]

Dancing Queen #10 [photographed by Exec.Walls - model: Nella]

Love me no matter where I go.
Embrace me no matter where I’m from.


Dancing Queen #15 [photographed by Exec.Walls - model: Nella]


Artist Name: Exec.Walls


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Distortion #1 & #2 [photographed 6/10/14 by Exec.Walls]